We Love Working with Seniors!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Why do we love working with seniors? Well, being one kinda helps influence one’s perspective and after 30 years of helping people of all ages with their housing needs, it just seems natural to support other seniors in this age of the Corona Virus which has unfortunately made this whole process even more complicated and difficult.

Studies show that the three most stressful events in a person’s life are death, divorce, and moving. Moving can be a particularly daunting reality for seniors. Whether a senior is downsizing or moving into a five-star retirement facility it can be very emotional. Usually, the reasons for moving are that the maintenance has become too difficult, health issues are forcing the decision, and simply that downsizing will make life easier. A survey of seniors showed that 32% of respondents said fear of change topped their list of moving concerns.

If your senior loved one is preparing to sell their home here are some suggestions for finding the best agent to help. Don’t settle for the first realtor you meet. Interview at least three realtors. Ask what experience they have helping seniors. How familiar are they with the various Senior Living

Communities in your area. Do they recommend a moving company that specializes in senior moves? Do they have a recommendation for a professional liquidator to assist with an estate sale? Can your realtor assist your senior loved one with de-cluttering the home to prepare for showings or do they know someone who can? What’s their opinion about selling a senior home versus a conventional home sale? Is this a good market to sell in? And lastly, how will the realtor make this move into a senior living community as easy as possible?

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Prepare yourself for the emotional side of this move. This can be a very emotional process. So many happy memories reside with their home and the years their family lived there. Oftentimes this can be teary at times for the senior and the senior’s family. Feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

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