Preparing for Disaster in Southern California

Are you prepared for another disaster like the flood and mudslides that occurred here on January 9, 2018? Disasters don’t plan ahead but you can. Here are 9 suggestions that you can do now to ensure you’re prepared.

Sign up for alerts and Warnings: Utilize your mobile devices and computers.

Here are some local links/apps to consider:

Nixle , Santa Barbara’s Sheriff Emergency Notifications , and Aware and Prepare

Build a Personal and Family Plan:

Plan Ahead for DisasterTouch Base with Neighbors: You might want to share your disaster plans with your neighbors which could prove mutually beneficial.

Gather Supplies: Red Cross Survival Kits / Basic Disaster Supplies KitSafeguard Documents:

Ensure all your important documents are kept safe, water-proofed, and fire-proofed.

Consider taking a Preparedness Class: CERT Community Emergency Response Team Program

Check your Insurance Policy: Santa Barbara Insurance Resources

Make sure your property is safe: 25 Ways to protect yourself from Natural Disasters

Be aware of fraud: It’s unfortunate that there are professional criminals taking advantage of disasters when they occur. Be very careful! Some of the most common crimes include rehab scams, FEMA support scams, or phishing emails.

Interactive Debris Flow Map for Santa Barbara / Montecito

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