More People Fleeing to Suburbs in Age of Corona Virus

The impacts of the Corona Virus continue to play out and some people are wondering if this might be the time to consider moving? To be sure, economists say it’s still too early to tell if urbanites browsing suburban homes online and taking up temporary shelter in less densely populated areas will develop into a broader trend once the pandemic is contained.

Recent sentiment among homebuyers suggests attitudes toward moving to the suburbs is shifting. So, will more people consider moving to the suburbs? As it turns out it’s already happening…

Robin Walpert, a real estate agent in Santa Monica, California, says activity has picked up among New Yorkers looking to buy new properties with home offices, gym space and land. A couple with two kids from Manhattan are going “stir-crazy,” she says, and are looking to expedite their move to the suburbs in either Santa Monica, the Pacific Palisades, or Santa Barbara.

“This family is bursting at the seams with impatience. They’ve been forced to work from home at the same time as they home school their kids,” Walpert says. “This pandemic has made them obsessed with getting out here as soon as possible so they have outside space and a pool rather than being stuck inside their high rise building.” 

The thought of moving from the hustling pace of urban life into a quieter, rural location may seem to some to be just a romantic notion, but the reality in this unprecedented time is that the idea of rural living is becoming more and more popular.

 It’s hard to say how this will play out over time. Right now Santa Barbara County began early social distancing and other mitigating behavior that’s resulted in very favorable statistics regarding the virus. I can’t imagine a nicer and more beautiful community to ride out the storm.

US News and World reports Santa Barbara rated Number One for weather in the United States ranks Santa Barbara the 4th Best Place to Live

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