Is Working from Home working for you?

Is your living situation right for your home-based business? And, if not, how to create or find a space that is. In this post, we will show you how to evaluate your current space, and share some options for your consideration if your business needs more room to thrive.

What kind of space do you need? This is the first step in evaluating your workspace. Some people are just fine with a desk where others will require larger spaces to accommodate various equipment and work areas for their business. If your current space needs more room it might be worth considering an expansion such as an extra room, or even an auxiliary structure.

That said, there’s a lot to consider before diving headfirst into an expansion. You’ll need to check out your local zoning laws, building and safety codes. You should research if adding any additional square footage comply with the house to lot square footage ratios allowed. In some areas, the size of your lot may determine the size of your home’s allowable square footage. We can assist you with how to access this information.

If you decide that this is more than you want to take on and are considering a new residence your first step on any house hunt is finding an experienced local professional who can find you the right property for your needs and budget. In today’s fast-paced market it’s to your advantage to be pre-approved for a mortgage so you can start your house hunting in earnest. We know reputable lenders that can help.

Starting a home-based business is an excellent way to take control of your career, and your life. We hope this article helps you to figure out if your current living and workspaces work for you, and if not, we’re happy to help you find the home that does.

This article was written by Tina Martin

Images by Taryn Elliott and Ketut Subiyanto courtesy of Pexels

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