Have Enough Space for your Home Based Business?

If you’re wondering about the space you currently have for your home-based business we can help you figure out if your house is appropriate, and if not, how to create a workspace that is. Here’s a quick look at how to evaluate your current space, and what to do if your business will need more room to thrive.

If you’re just beginning to create a home office your first consideration should be how much space will I need? If you’re considering an online consultancy you might only need room for a desk. But, if you are thinking about creating an online store you’ll need a workshop, storage space, and packing areas at a minimum. Every space is different and there are a variety of solutions.

Say you love your current situation but you need a little more room to make things work. Have you considered adding another room or even an Auxillary Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property?

Before you get started take some time to study your local area’s Zoning Laws. In Santa Barbara, there are land-use consultants that can assist you in this process. One of my favorites is Jarrett Gorin of Vanguard Planning.

Ok, there’s nothing that you can change or add to that’s going to make this work. What then? If your space isn’t right, and this is something you feel strongly about, should you consider hunting for a new home? If that’s what you decide you’ll need some reputable professionals in your corner including an experienced realtor, lender/mortgage broker, Inspection professionals, and Title experts.

We hope this post helps you figure out if you have the space to make your dream come true, and if not, find the home that does. We’re happy to help!

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