Corona Virus Santa Barbara 3.14.2020

March 14, 2020: In response to the Corona Virus outbreak in Santa Barbara local grocery stores are experiencing large purchases of water, toilet paper, and many other items right now. Shopping carts are packed high. Parking is a nightmare and unusually long lines to when checking out. Best time to shop right now here is the early morning. The earlier the better. Most people are being patient and polite, and the people working in the stores throughout all this have been incredible!

Santa Barbara County officials declared a public health emergency Thursday evening as they continued to monitor for signs that the deadly novel coronavirus had made its way to the area. Thus far, no cases of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, have been found locally, according to Van Do-Reynoso, the county’s public health director. The county has set up a public information line for the coronavirus at: 833-688-5551.

All 20 school districts in Santa Barbara County will be closed indefinitely starting Monday, March 16, in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic and Santa Barbara County’s local emergency declaration. The closure of the K-12 schools is unprecedented and follows the steps of several colleges and universities in the area that switched to remote, online-only instruction in recent days.

The closure of the schools means that more than 67,000 students in the county will be out of school, leaving many parents with no options but to stay home from work to watch their children. For more updates stay tuned to this site.

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